Case: Red - 7 year old bay gelding racehorse

Red was a case which had been previously seen by Peter, and decided that the 308 molar needed extracting under sedation. Gary was asked to perform this procedure as a learning excercise. This was duely done, but was harder than expected, as the horse was young, the root would be long. The tooth was loosened and removed, but a tiny fragment of root was left in the socket, and despite trying with the long probe and ronjours, the elusive piece would not come. It was decided to leave it in situ as it was expected to heal over and not cause any further problems. After 3 weeks the horse was checked, and the wound had healed over the fragment and has not caused any further issues to the horse.

Red has been sedated and Gary is fitting the speculum

Confirming the previous diagnosis

Placing the lower arcade forceps

Begin to extract

Tooth getting loose!

Quick visual inspection to confirm amount of movement in the tooth

Peter, cleaning the socket post extraction

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