Case: King - 25-28 year grey gelding

King was the first out of the ordinary case Gary observed whilst training. He had previously been examined by Peter who discovered an oblique incisor bite forming an overbite, and a hideous mouth consisting of extreme sharpness throughout, so sharp, that a full examination was not possible.

King was a little out of condition owing to not being able to chew correctly and Peter suspected some very bad rear teeth. He had arranged to have king sedated at a vet clinic so we could perform a proper examination and corrective treatment.

What was discovered when the horse was sedated, was some extremely long lower back teeth, which had grown so long the points were buried in the soft tissue of the upper jaw, which explains why the horse ate little and very gingerly. It also explained the overbite that had developed on the molars and was showing on the incisors.

The points were too long to file, so it was decided to cut them with embyotomy wire, then reduce the remaining sharpness to increase the horse's comfort.

Oblique bite of the incisors

Overbite, left view

Overbite, right view

A combination of lacerations of the cheeks and feed packing led to swelling

Fragments of the rear molars, one of which required 2 seperate cuts

We learned some weeks after this proceedure that King was a lot happier in himself and putting on condition, which was excellent news, considering the state of his mouth.

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