Case: Jewel - 29 year old bright bay mare

Jewel formed Gary's major case as his final exam. Jewel is a 29 year old bright bay mare who had previously had a tooth removed due to periodontitis (gum disease). She had some teeth become mobile, creating diastemata (unnatural spaces between teeth), which were packing feed and causing further periodontitis. This packed feed was clearly seen as a puffy appearance to the face. When Gary had examined her previously (as part of a routine check/file) it was clear this would be a major case requiring sedation, as she needed 2 further teeth removing because their gingival margin had receeded to the point where these teeth were no longer viable. One of the teeth was giving off a bad smell too.

Other than this, only minimal removal of sharp points was required along the molar arcade, which could be safely done after the extractions. As with all major cases involving extractions or other cases where bleeding is expected, a double-strength solution of disinfectant was made up to be used before, during and after the procedure to reduce the risk of infection to an absolute minimum. The mare was up to date on her tetanus jabs, which is another concern when doing major work. Alas, only before and after shots where taken, none during, as everyone present was focussed on the job in hand.

Feed packed in the cheeks give a puffy look to the face

The sedation is administered and taking effect

Post operation, jewel is left to recover from the sedation.

Picture of the two extracted teeth, blackening from periodontitis evident

Picture of the two extracted teeth, the enamel/cementum/dentine folds are clear on the occlusal surfaces

I have been informed by Jewel's through Peter Borgdorff that Jewel has returned to terrorising her field mates and has made an excellent recovery from the work, which was carried out only a day before my return to the UK.

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